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Can I Face Federal Charges for Dealing in Fentanyl?
Can I Face Federal Charges for Dealing in Fentanyl?

According to the U.S. Sentencing Commission (USSC), in 2018, there were 433 offenders of illegal fentanyl distribution, making up just over 2% of drug trafficking crimes committed in the United States. And while that might not seem like a lot, it represents a 4,711.1% ...

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    • Understanding Your Miranda Rights

      If you’ve ever had a run-in with the police, you’ve probably heard these words: “You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can be used ...

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    • What Is Ohio's Menacing by Stalking Law?

      Menacing Charge in Ohio Under Ohio Revised Code 2903.211 , menacing, menacing by stalking, or aggravated menacing are felony charges. A menacing ...

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    • Taking a Cell Phone From a Store Results in Criminal Charges

      With about 96% of Americans owning cell phones , these devices have become a necessary modern convenience. Although many individuals have them, ...

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    • What Is Divorce Mediation?

      Unfortunately, for various reasons, marriages can end. Because you and your spouse may have had children together, purchased a house, shared finances, ...

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    • How Can You File for a Divorce if Your Spouse Lives Out of State?

      Because each state has its own laws regarding when a couple can file for a divorce , these types of proceedings may be difficult if one of the spouses ...

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    • Ohio Concealed Carry FAQ

      Ohio residents seeking to concealed carry a firearm face a lot of restrictions. Getting the permit can be difficult enough, but figuring out when a ...

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    • Ohio Governor Seeks Alternate Legislation for Red Flag Laws

      Many states have enacted what are referred to as Red Flag laws. Under these types of measures, if specific people believe that an individual who ...

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    • Can I Own A Firearm if I Was Convicted of Domestic Violence?

      Although Ohio does not have a specific law that prohibits an individual convicted of domestic violence from owning a firearm, federal law does. Two ...

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    • Jon Paul Rion Interviewed Regarding the Events on New Year's Eve in Yellow Springs

      YELLOW SPRINGS, Ohio — The scene was an all-too-familiar one on the streets of America’s cities: a black suspect on the ground, roughed up by white ...

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    • Spinal Cord Injury Suffered During a Car Accident

      The spinal cord is comprised of a bundle of nerves that relay messages between the brain and nearly all other parts of the body. If it becomes ...

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    • Did You Know?

      1. Did you know that Ohio Senate Bill 252 holds schools and organizations more accountable for preventing sudden cardiac arrest issues during youth ...

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