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The Building Was Unoccupied. Is That Still Burglary?
The Building Was Unoccupied. Is That Still Burglary?

If you've ever read Ohio's burglary law, you might notice that divisions (A)(1), (2), and (3) state that a person commits the offense when they "trespass in an occupied structure." That may raise the question of whether it's an offense under this statute to enter a building ...

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  • What Happens If You're Accused of Swatting in Ohio?

    Swatting refers to a practice in which a person calls police to report a false emergency. Often, the goal of such conduct is to get armed officers, or ...

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  • What Are Drug Abuse Instruments?

    In Ohio, just as it's illegal to possess controlled substances, so too is it unlawful to have any object that would facilitate the consumption or ...

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  • What's the Difference Between Murder and Aggravated Murder?

    In Ohio, if a person is accused of purposely killing another individual, they may be charged under O.R.C. 2903.02 (murder) or O.R.C. 2903.01 ...

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  • What Does "Counts of a Crime" Mean?

    When someone is accused of a crime, a prosecutor will write what's referred to as an information that includes details about the alleged offense. In ...

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  • What Is Sex Trafficking?

    Sex trafficking is a form of human trafficking. Human trafficking is considered a modern-day type of slavery, as alleged victims involuntarily perform ...

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  • Is My Driver's License Suspended After an OVI Arrest?

    If you're arrested for an OVI , you can face some harsh penalties. And one of those penalties can be imposed upon you automatically and immediately, ...

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  • Is a Fight a Felony in Ohio?

    Unfortunately, there are situations in which a verbal argument escalates to a physical altercation. Any of the people involved in the fight, or a ...

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  • What Is Zoombombing?

    Zoom is a popular videoconferencing app that allows people to connect virtually. It is used by individuals, companies, schools, places of worship, and ...

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  • Is Violating a Protection Order a Felony in Ohio?

    A protection order is issued by a court and establishes specific terms the person named (the respondent) must abide by. It is usually sought as part ...

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